Privacy Policy

Your visit to the Fanifashion Web site constitutes your acceptance of the following terms

Fannie Fashion asks its customers for personal information (e-mail, age, name) to increase the quality of service to satisfy their customers

This information collected in the Fanny Fashion servers is used only in fanfashion / customer classification studies to avoid spamming and to organize special promotional activities directed to personal data of customers and to study periodic seasonal reduction campaigns

Information collected from the customer's personal data will not be shared with a third party without the user's knowledge and consent and will not be sold or used for commercial purposes without reason.

"Fanifashion" comments by analyzing visitor traffic and preferences that it sees while using the site, except for the personal information it requests in email addresses and membership forms

To provide our customers with a more efficient and unique shopping experience, these statistical data that do not contain personal information can be shared with business partners.

The information of the client shall not be disclosed except to the official authorities in the event that they have been requested by them. The situation is obliged to be disclosed to them in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legal legislation.

The customer can only access the information that is entered into the system by him and change it and no one else can do so

If you do not want to receive messages from Fanny Fashion, you can easily log out of the list by clicking on the link or in the My Account section then Membership Information and then clicking on the I want to log out of membership box.

For the purpose of shopping at the highest level of security, the credit card information required on the payment page will never be retained on the "name of the site" servers or the companies you serve to maintain the security of our valued customers. This way all payments can be made between your bank and your computer via The fanifashion interface